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Appointments during pregnancy information

Please be aware that during your pregnancy, you should consult your Obstetrician for all of your Primary care and health care needs. Dr. Joel C. Ang is pleased to continue to be your Primary Care Physician after your pregnancy (post-delivery). 

Young children have different health care needs than adolescents and young adults.  This office sees only children 12 years and older and Dr. Ang can provide guidance to parents about seeking the services of a pediatrician if the family has not already engaged the services of one for the care of young children.  In general, the parents of the children must be established patients or new patients wishing to seek care at our office.  All minors (under the age of 18) must be accompanied by the parent or legal guardian in order to receive services.  Parents are the guarantors for any co-payments and balances that are owed on a child’s account.

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