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January 1, 2014  Dr. Ang made the difficult decision to stop prescribing maintenance DEA controlled substance pain medication, weight loss medications, and ADD/ADHD medications, as well as other medications which fall into these classes.


What should you do for maintenance medication prescriptions?  Please begin making plans now for your ongoing treatment for your condition with an appropriate specialist.

  • Weight loss patients should consult a weight loss specialist.

  • Patients with chronic pain are referred to a Pain Management specialist.

  • Patients with ADD/ADHD are referred a Psychiatrist for maintenance prescriptions.


Patients being treated for low testosterone and patients who need controlled substance sleep aids (benzodiaepene class) must see Dr. Ang quarterly for renewal prescriptions which will include laboratory work to assess the impact of long term medication use, and in the case of testosterone medications to maintain appropriate levels of testosterone.


Dr. Joel C. Ang will continue to be your Primary Care Physician and is pleased to provide all other services to help you manage your health.  If you need a referral to a Specialist, Dr. Ang can provide it at your next 2013 visit to the office.  However, you should consult your insurance company for participating specialists as well

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