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Medical Records Notice

The physician provides copies of your medical records at the end of your visit.


Your copy of our medical records from your visit includes your history, the findings of your physical exam, the results of completed laboratory tests including those done at the time of the visit or after a previous visit, and list of current and past medications that you have been prescribed. Copies of Electrocardiograms, Lung function tests, and Bone Mineral Density results will also be given to you if they are done.


It is important to KEEP the copies of your records to take to any emergency room or hospital if you need such a visit or if you travel or move.

If you decide to change physicians and wish to have records sent to the new physician, please understand that we DO NOT provide records to the physician’s office.  We will provide replacement records to you should you need them.  The charge for replacement records is $25.00 per visit document set.


If you have been given a referral to another physician for a specific condition, it is important that you bring your records AND your referral with you when you go to your appointment. 


If you do not bring your referral and/or records with you and we are asked to fax the records for you a $25.00 fax fee will be charged and is payable by credit card at the time of the request.

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