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Reducing Stress About Prescription Costs

Each year insurance companies make changes to their prescription coverage policies.


  • The medication you have been taking may no longer be preferred in the new year; even worse, it may no longer be covered. 


  • There may be quantity limitations to the number of pills you can receive at one time or over the course of the year.


  • You may need the prior approval (prior authorization) of the insurance company which means the physician has to explain (via fax, phone call, online form) why your particular medication is the best one for you or the number of pills prescribed is what you need - many times without the desired outcome. 


  • If you use mail order, are you being charged shipping fees for your medications in addition to any copayment or coinsurance?

  • 2019 may have a dramatic increase in limitations on medications as insurance companies try to reduce their costs.

As an alternative to the insurance hassles, we suggest that you price your medications with or .  Each works a little differently but you may find discounts that are less than what you pay using your insurance.  Some independent pharmacies may display a "price match guarantee."   If we have eprescribed your prescriptions and you select a pharmacy that is different from the one we have on file in your chart, you will have to transfer the prescription or ask us to reissue the prescription.  Both websites offer transfer assistance, but it may depend on your membership level.

These are the general steps - but follow the instructions at the particular website:

  1. Go to or

  2. Input the name of the medication, dosage, and quantity

  3. Input your desired zip code

  4. Review the available pharmacies and prices

  5. Follow the website's instructions on how to guarantee your discounted price.


When you refill your prescription you may need to obtain a new coupon for the lower price.  Check out the instructions with the site you choose.


Check it out – you may be surprised at the price!


[This office has NO relationship with or, we are just passing on the information].

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