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Self-Pay and Subscription Options

Our office recognizes that not everyone has health insurance for a variety of reasons, or purchases catastrophic insurance, or chooses not to use insurance for some services.  We also know that it is better to check-in at the doctor's periodically to identify problems early to avoid more serious complications.

We offer self-pay and subscription services. 


Single Self-Pay Visit $500


12 month Subscription: $125.00 per month for 12 months automatically billed to your credit card for 3 visits in a 12 month period.


These services are all-inclusive for services offered in our office.  These self-pay plans do not include any services referred to an outside laboratory, consultant, or other facility.

If you would like to utilize one of these options, you may email admin@qstreetmds.com or let the Front Desk Staff know when you check-in for your appointment.