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The Patient Portal:  Gateway to Our Office -  Your Medical Records, and More!

Looking for the Patient Portal? 


You can access the portal at .


What Does the Patient Portal Offer to Patients?


The Patient Portal gives you access your medical records.  Our office has provided patients with their records since the early 1980’s at the time of service.  You can also scheduled appointments, pay a bill, communicate with Dr. Ang and the office.


Medical records should educate you about your health. Times have changed and regulatory changes have evolved to catch up to what we have always considered standard practice.  Thus, records are made available to patients through the patient portal.  These are yours to share with other healthcare providers as you deem necessary.   Each time new information is posted to your portal, you will receive an automated message.

Communication with the physicians is available through the patient portal.  Have a question about your records, or your lab results, or x-ray?  Ask Dr. Ang by sending a private message through the patient portal.  He will answer patient messages during downtime at the office, as well as after hours.  He will take the time to research your records to adequately answer your questions and then respond.  When the physician or staff responds, you will receive an automated email message letting you know there is a new message.


Remember, though, Patient Portal Communication is not intended for urgent medical needs.  During business hours for urgent needs, please call the office.  After hours, both physician telephone numbers are announced on our after hours message.


Communication with Staff is also available through the portal.  Perhaps you need to change an appointment or have a question about your bill?  Administrative questions can be answered by our staff.  Administrative questions are not answered after hours or on holidays.

Schedule an appointment through the patient portal.  You can always schedule through the patient portal.  Don’t see the time you want?  Send a message to the staff we will try to accommodate your appointment time.  To cancel or change an appointment, please message the office.


Pre-Checkin for your appointment you can update your medical record, answer questions about your current medical problem, and prepay your copayment before your appointment.  Pre-registration (check-in) will save some time at the front desk and with the medical assistant when you arrive for your appointment.

Pay your bill - you can pay your bill through the patient portal.  You will receive an email in pdf format if you have an email address on file, however the bill will post to your patient portal before it is emailed to you.  If you have any questions you may send a message through the patient portal or email for more detailed explanations.

How to Create a YourHealthFile Account
Play Video

Problems with activating your portal?  Watch this short "How to create a YourHealthFile account" tutorial video. You can also email us at and let Ms. Jacqueline Schick know the problem you are experiencing.  She will provide specific instructions to assist you.  Activation is best done on a computer vs a mobile device.

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