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Patient Portal

Our office has been providing patients with their records at the time of service since 1982. However, in order to comply with HIPAA and Meaningful Use standards and to facilitate communication with our patients, we now have a patient portal for our patients to enroll in and use. Our staff will provide you with the necessary activation user ID and temporary password to create your account.

In the coming months, this will become the primary mode of electronic communication with Dr. Ang and the staff. Read our post on the things you can do in the portal. Read More

Dr. Medley will offer e-visits during business hours June 2-5, 2015

An electronic or e-visit is an alternative designed to efficiently respond to routine, non-complex medical problems. (Examples might include: a cold or sinus infection, a mild stomach virus, follow-up of a stable chronic condition).

An e-visit is not designed for complex or non-routine medical care especially problems that might require the relating of extensive history information or a thorough physical exam. E-visits are only offered to established patients and you agree that during the visit you are representing yourself and not another person.

E-visits are not billed by our practice to any insurer, as they are usually considered a non-covered service. The patient is always responsible for our typical e-visit charges. Our standard e-visit charge is $75.00.

Requests for e-visits must be confirmed and scheduled prior to the e-visit. Prior to the visit you will be asked to complete certain medical questionnaires. Sometimes, after reviewing your information it may be determined that your problem is too complex for an e-visit session. In that case our office will schedule you for a traditional office visit.

Payment of the e-visit is due at the scheduled time:  Call our front desk at the scheduled time, provide your credit card to our Front Desk staff, who will process the fee and then notify the physician that you are ready for your e-visit.

Communication during an e-visit may be exchanged via teleconference, landline phone, cellular phone and online chat. These methods are by their very nature not as secure as a face-to-face encounter. By requesting an e-visit you acknowledge that personal health information will be communicated in a manner that is subject to hacking and other malicious behavior.

As with any medical service, decision, or treatment, there are risks; and, an e-visit is no different. Because this visit is electronic and not in person, you acknowledge that the risk may be greater than a traditional office visit, and by requesting the visit you agree to accept the outcome-even if it is undesirable. In addition you agree to abide by our office’s routine policies including any policy related to litigation.

Preventive Care to Maximize Your Good Health!

Q Street Medical Associates is offering Preventive Health Visits with Sylvia R. Medley, MD June 2-5, these appointments will also be available.  Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), insurance companies offer these types of visits at no cost to the patient to encourage subscribers to identify potential health problems early or “tweak” your current lifestyle to maximize your good health.

These types of visits are designed to review your history, health risk factors, and perform basic laboratory work at the time of service in our laboratory.  You will meet with our medical assistants to review your social, family, medical, and medication history and receive appropriate educational literature.  During this time the laboratory will perform Complete Blood Cell counts, Metabolic, Endocrine, and Digestive system laboratory tests to establish a baseline or to compare to the previous values.  You will also receive, as appropriate, a referral for a colonoscopy and/or mammogram as part of your preventive health services based on your age and gender.  Should health problems be identified, a routine medical visit will be scheduled to follow-up the problem identified.  Please note that this visit is not intended to address on-going medical problems, renewal of on-going prescriptions, etc.

Who is eligible?  Anyone who has not had a Preventive Health Visit in the past 12 months, individuals who have received their Welcome to Medicare Packet and have recently turned 65 and/or have not seen a physician for the Welcome to Medicare visit. Anyone whose insurance is in compliance with the ACA.

Please contact our Front Desk to schedule your appointment, and be clear that this is the type of visit you wish to have.  You may email to do so or call 202-667-5041 x0.  You will be given an access code to activate your patient portal.  Once you have activated your patient account, please complete/review the demographic information, insurance information, medical/family/social/medication history portions so that when you arrive for you appointment the staff can review these factors with you.

We welcome your selection of our office for your health maintenance and welcome the opportunity to be a partner in your health management.

Coming Soon

On April 6, 2015 we will begin using a new Electronic Medical Record (EMR).  One of the advantages to our patients is the inclusion of a “patient portal.”

The patient portal offers patients the ability to:

  • self-schedule appointments for specific days and times (don’t see a time or date that works for your schedule, as always you may call or request an appointment through our website)
  • send and receive secure messages to the staff and Dr. Ang (we will phase out the standard email for patient communications)
  • request prescription refills
  • download your medical records and laboratory reports after review by Dr. Ang
  • update your medical record and let us know about any new problems
  • update/change your insurance information, home address, phone numbers, and email address as well.

How to activate?  Before your scheduled appointment you will receive an activation email.  You may also call or send an email to Michelle Firmin at and she will generate the activation user ID and temporary password.  She will email it to you.

Then go to and click on the Activate your account here.  link.  Set up your new user name and password and review the information we have on file for you.  You can make corrections, update your records before your next appointment, etc. your changes will be incorporated into our files.

To save time at your appointment, activate the portal before your appointment and update your address, insurance information, pharmacy preference, and any medical problems you have had since your last visit.

We hope you like the new approach to your medical records.