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Our Special Testing package includes:

  • Instant HIV screening blood test performed while you wait.
  • A repeat HIV test is done after your visit at another laboratory for quality assurance.
  • Instant Syphilis test
  • Instant Herpes test
  • Complete blood counts and chemistries to assess your general health.
  • Consultation with the physician.
  • Copies of the results and the medical record at the time of service.


Fee of $280.00 includes all testing and consultation with Dr. Ang or Mr. Turner, PA-C.

Additional tests for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia are also available for an additional $50.00. These are performed after the visit and the results are generally available with 1 week to 10 days.

We require our fee to be paid at the time of your arrival.

Hand writing get an std test on grey background
Hand writing get an std test on grey background

We believe that everyone should be aware of his or her STD status. How often STD testing is necessary varies from person to person and is based on individual safer sex practices, frequency of sexual encounters, and number of partners a person (or a person’s partner) has.

This is a package designed to help you maintain your good health and is priced as a self-pay package. We do not provide insurance or FSA/HSA/HRA eligible receipts when this package is selected. We do not offer these tests individually.

Please schedule your appointment for this package. Same day appointments are available.


About our Laboratory:

Over 30 Years Experience in Office Laboratory Testing Services:
• Certified by COLA (Commission for Office Laboratory Accreditation)
• Certified by D.C. Department of Health as a Syphilis Testing Center