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Q Street Medical Associates is offering Preventive Health Visits with Sylvia R. Medley, MD April 21-23, these appointments will also be available June 2-5.  Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), insurance companies offer these types of visits at no cost to the patient to encourage subscribers to identify potential health problems early or “tweak” your current lifestyle to maximize your good health.

These types of visits are designed to review your history, health risk factors, and perform basic laboratory work at the time of service in our laboratory.  You will meet with our medical assistants to review your social, family, medical, and medication history and receive appropriate educational literature.  During this time the laboratory will perform Complete Blood Cell counts, Metabolic, Endocrine, and Digestive system laboratory tests to establish a baseline or to compare to the previous values.  You will also receive, as appropriate, a referral for a colonoscopy and/or mammogram as part of your preventive health services based on your age and gender.  Should health problems be identified, a routine medical visit will be scheduled to follow-up the problem identified.  Please note that this visit is not intended to address on-going medical problems, renewal of on-going prescriptions, etc.

Who is eligible?  Anyone who has not had a Preventive Health Visit in the past 12 months, individuals who have received their Welcome to Medicare Packet and have recently turned 65 and/or have not seen a physician for the Welcome to Medicare visit.  Anyone whose insurance is in compliance with the ACA.

Please contact our Front Desk to schedule your appointment, and be clear that this is the type of visit you wish to have.  You may email to do so or call 202-667-5041 x0.  You will be given an access code to activate your patient portal.  Once you have activated your patient account, please complete/review the demographic information, insurance information, medical/family/social/medication history portions so that when you arrive for you appointment the staff can review these factors with you.

We welcome your selection of our office for your health maintenance and welcome the opportunity to be a partner in your health management.