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Refills of Prescriptions

As of September 19, 2014 We are now requiring medical visits for refills of certain medications for medical monitoring of side effects. We no longer give refills out to one year and only up to 6 months for chronic medications. This is because of potential side effects and the need for medical monitoring.

When you need a new prescription for a refill (you have used all of the refills or the original prescription has expired), please contact our office by email to or by phone to place your request. When you contact our office (instead of the pharmacy), we can more readily assist you since we have all of the information necessary to proceed. We receive many faxes from pharmacies and frequently the medications have been discontinued or were recently issued during a visit. Each one requires individual research and attention. If you initiate the request with our office, we can work more efficiently with you.

Remember, there are also times when the refill request cannot be accommodated and our staff will be able to communicate with you about that as well.

This year, many prescriptions that patients purchased without problems in 2013 now require “prior authorization” due to changes in the pharmacy benefits or will cost more due to changes in coverage.  The prior authorization process will take additional time and may not result in approval despite best efforts to get it approved.  If you are taking a prescription medication everyday, check the pharmacy benefit list to see if there has been a change in the status of your medication.