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Credit Card On File

Why are more physician offices moving to “credit card on file”?  When patients come to see their physician, the physician is rendering services based on his or her knowledge and experience to address the patient’s health care needs.  These services are rendered in good faith that the physician will be paid.  Thus, physicians who participate with insurance companies are extending credit to their patients for up to 30 or more days and accepting a discount of 1/3 to 1/2 of the charges by the insurance company.

How does “Credit card on file” work?  “Credit card on file” allows the physician to be paid more promptly with little effort on the patient’s part.  At the time of service, the staff will simply select your card(s) on file and charge your copayment – no need to dig through your wallet.  When you are at work and call our office to provide a credit card, you may be in hearing distance of other people and that may make you uncomfortable – with a card on file there is no need to provide a credit card number verbally.  For larger amounts, such as when a deductible is applied, it allows the office to arrange with you standard payment plans is so desired.  Some patients want to use different cards depending on the amount, you can have more than one card on file – when you are notified of a bill due, you can determine which card to use or split the charge between different cards.

Where is your card stored?  It is stored in your account.  Only the last 4 digits are visible to anyone placing a charge, and it can only be posted to amount you owe and charged to your account – not your spouse’s account or anyone else’s – only your account can be credited.

We understand the difference between healthcare bills and, for example your cable service or cell phone service bill:  Your cable or cell phone services are a preset amount from month to month.  The amount of your healthcare bill will be different each for each visit, unless your policy is a fixed copay.

The current healthcare market has resulted in insurance policies increasingly transferring costs to you, the insured. Some insurance plans require deductibles and percentages in addition to copayments in amounts not known to you or the physician’s office at the time of your visit.  This trend is only expected to continue and expand.


Dr. Medley Visits

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Sylvia R. Medley to our practice on January 5, 2016. To read Dr. Medley’s bio, click here. Please contact our office to schedule an appointment.

Flu Vaccine

Annual Flu Vaccine is a valuable step in protecting your health.  This year we recommend that patients go to their local pharmacy for the annual flu vaccine.

We’re excited to start using Everseat to connect you quickly to available appointments.

This free mobile app lets you search for and book appointments easily. We make the slot available on Everseat. You “grab it”- and you’re in! 


To start using Everseat:
1. Visit the App Store or Google Play to
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2. Search for our office and favorite your location
and provider by clicking the star icon.

3. Next time you need an appointment, turn “need
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4. “Grab it” if that appointment
works for you!

Everseat’s instant updates eliminate the need for you to call us about open appointments, so you can book the appointment that works for you when you need it. Visit Everseat on Facebook to learn more.

We look forward to serving you better with Everseat.

Patient Portal

Our office has been providing patients with their records at the time of service since 1982. However, in order to comply with HIPAA and Meaningful Use standards and to facilitate communication with our patients, we now have a patient portal for our patients to enroll in and use. Our staff will provide you with the necessary activation user ID and temporary password to create your account.

Messages to Dr. Ang must be sent through the portal. Please activate your portal. Should you have any questions regarding your records, test results, and orders, please message Dr. Ang through the portal and he will answer your question.

Read our post on the things you can do in the portal. Read More

Get Smart About Antibiotic Use

The Centers for Disease Control urges physicians and patients alike to understand when an antibiotic is a useful tool and when it is not.  Evidence based steps to identify when an antibiotic is useful and when it is not is the best approach to avoid antibiotic resistance.

This means an office visit when you believe an antibiotic is needed.  At the time of service we can perform a Complete Blood Cell count – this may indicate whether you have a bacterial infection, a viral infection, or an allergy.  For upper respiratory illnesses, a strep test can indicate if you may have a strep infection that may be treated with an antibiotic.  For a suspected Urinary Tract Infection a standard urinalysis may provide evidence as to the probability of an infection or a different problem.

To this end, we will not provide antibiotics without an office visit.

Coming Soon

On April 6, 2015 we will begin using a new Electronic Medical Record (EMR).  One of the advantages to our patients is the inclusion of a “patient portal.”

The patient portal offers patients the ability to:

  • self-schedule appointments for specific days and times (don’t see a time or date that works for your schedule, as always you may call or request an appointment through our website)
  • send and receive secure messages to the staff and Dr. Ang (we will phase out the standard email for patient communications)
  • request prescription refills
  • download your medical records and laboratory reports after review by Dr. Ang
  • update your medical record and let us know about any new problems
  • update/change your insurance information, home address, phone numbers, and email address as well.

How to activate?  Before your scheduled appointment you will receive an activation email.  You may also call or send an email to Michelle Firmin at and she will generate the activation user ID and temporary password.  She will email it to you.

Then go to and click on the Activate your account here.  link.  Set up your new user name and password and review the information we have on file for you.  You can make corrections, update your records before your next appointment, etc. your changes will be incorporated into our files.

To save time at your appointment, activate the portal before your appointment and update your address, insurance information, pharmacy preference, and any medical problems you have had since your last visit.

We hope you like the new approach to your medical records.


Measles Vaccination

In light of concerns regarding Measles vaccination, many people wonder what their immunity status is.  This can be determined by an MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella) test.  This blood test determines if you have antibodies to any of these viruses.

The test for MMR is performed by a reference lab and results can take 2-5 days to be returned.  Our fee for ordering only the MMR without an office visit is $75.00 and is available to current patients only.

If you request the test during a standard office visit and after consultation with Dr. Ang it is determined that the test will be ordered the fee is waived.  In both cases, the laboratory will bill your insurance company for the actual test.

Please be aware that this office does not stock or administer the MMR vaccine.  Should it be found that you are lacking in protection, Dr. Ang will discuss with you the necessity and advisability of receiving the vaccine and what facilities might offer it to you.

Insurance Policies & Deductibles

Many insurance policies have changed to include high deductibles and the patient’s share of medical expenses has increased.  If the insurance policy has a deductible, the insurance company will not pay claims, but will apply the discounted charges to the deductible until enough claims have been received to meet the deductible amount at which time the insurance company will begin to pay claims.  The patient is responsible for paying the charges applied to the deductible. 

Therefore, beginning in 2015, we will expect patients to pay a deposit toward the deductible at the time of service.

If your policy deductible is $500.00 or more a deposit of $150.00 is expected at the time of service.

If your policy deductible is under $500.00 a deposit of $75.00 is expected at the time of service.

We will bill you after your insurance company has processed your claims for any additional charges applied to the deductible.  Please be aware that deductibles are in addition to copayments or coinsurance for many policies.

Every effort is made to obtain the most current information regarding your particular policy at or one day before the time of service.  However, if we find that you have paid more than the insurance company indicates after processing your claims, we will refund the difference to you.