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Measles Vaccination

In light of concerns regarding Measles vaccination, many people wonder what their immunity status is.  This can be determined by an MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella) test.  This blood test determines if you have antibodies to any of these viruses.

The test for MMR is performed by a reference lab and results can take 2-5 days to be returned.  Our fee for ordering only the MMR without an office visit is $75.00 and is available to current patients only.

If you request the test during a standard office visit and after consultation with Dr. Ang it is determined that the test will be ordered the fee is waived.  In both cases, the laboratory will bill your insurance company for the actual test.

Please be aware that this office does not stock or administer the MMR vaccine.  Should it be found that you are lacking in protection, Dr. Ang will discuss with you the necessity and advisability of receiving the vaccine and what facilities might offer it to you.